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Information Undead Slayer officially and in the world in freedom, hack n' action everything bar the way

Title :  Undead Slayer officially and in the world in freedom, hack n' action everything bar the way
Lasting :   13,20
User :  Sam
Date of publication :   2019-08-05
Views :   776
Liked :   843
Downloaded once :   510

Frames Undead Slayer officially and in the world in freedom, hack n' action everything bar the way

Description Undead Slayer officially and in the world in freedom, hack n' action everything bar the way

A few days ago we talked about a cool hack n’ slash action game at the top of our form officially on 24 January 2013, which is today. This game was developed by a single person, which is quite impressive when you look at the quality of the game. So, what is the, what we are talking about is the game? It’s called Undead Slayer.

Originally published in test / beta form in Canada and Australia, about a week and a half, and more and more countries as possible, Undead Slayer is now available to all in the world. In this game you will play as a killer from an ancient Chinese dynasty, caught up in a world infested with zombies and other monsters to kill the’ll need in order to survive.

Undead Slayer Caractéristiques:

– Easy to carry & Easy to the game in hand.
– 90 stages of Hack-and-slash action
– 20 Unique skills with dazzling effects

In terms of visual effects, you will be moved in the top-down perspective way to cut on everything that, everything that is shown, on a solid graphic. As for the controls, which don't really’t be easier. To attack an enemy, simply double-click you tap on them.

Undead Slayer is available as a free download now on the whole world outside of Google Play. If you’I have to wait for the opportunity to play what we had made us a couple of days ago, now you can get a copy and dismember to start various monsters. There are Isp that are for certain weapons and other items for those of you who are curious.

Google Play Gravamen: Undead Slayer

Comments Undead Slayer officially and in the world in freedom, hack n' action everything bar the way

Lea Gernale
the real technology
Comment from : Lea Gernale

Basilisa Patten
I hate chicken bones 😡😡👎🏻👎🏻
Comment from : Basilisa Patten

Basilisa Patten
🍗??? Chicken bone
Comment from : Basilisa Patten

Racing game ?? would be cheaper to buy a second hand scalextric.
Comment from : skoot2u

Mine Animations
bank password: punch punch kick kick punch
Comment from : Mine Animations

Cong Chen
That was an awesome game can you sell lots of them
Comment from : Cong Chen

Fawad Mutalib
Comment from : Fawad Mutalib

RUTy bernardi
you are crack! bravo! argentina
Comment from : RUTy bernardi

90% of the comments- everything is made out of plastic and electronic
10% of the comments-woow youre great

Comment from : Funbank

Dragon Studioッ
Comment from : Dragon Studioッ

Son: Hey mom can I borrow your plant for a second?
Mom: what are you going to do with it?
Son: I'm bout to beat a cardboard toy for a long time.

Comment from : TheRamenFox

Ganesh Kathiravan
Comment from : Ganesh Kathiravan

Cgey XXD
WoW ex montage...
Comment from : Cgey XXD

Tomo electrónico cómo un mono tiriurougotgouou
Sos un capo amigo
Comment from : Tomo electrónico cómo un mono tiriurougotgouou

super youtubers 204
I want all this thinks.You are the best
Comment from : super youtubers 204

Зинур Жолумбетов
Comment from : Зинур Жолумбетов

Зинур Жолумбетов
Comment from : Зинур Жолумбетов

Mark James
Pls teach me
Comment from : Mark James

Unifeesh Gaming
When you have waaaaay too much spare time
Comment from : Unifeesh Gaming

Gurwinder Singh
Comment from : Gurwinder Singh

Alain Sheratan
Are you some sort of architect or designer in real life? Becuz those creations were really impressive!!
Comment from : Alain Sheratan

Anna Mikulkova
Comment from : Anna Mikulkova

Fandy Msw
Comment from : Fandy Msw

Jacobi Wiggins
How on earth do you do that stuff ... Myn blone
On the first one👌👌👌👍👍

Comment from : Jacobi Wiggins

Sileide Moura
Comment from : Sileide Moura

Leo Serra
It's too fast
Comment from : Leo Serra

los retos de Víctor negoita segundo canal
Wow is fantastic
Comment from : los retos de Víctor negoita segundo canal

Nicollas Monteiro
Boa tarde e eu não vou poder te sigir
Comment from : Nicollas Monteiro

13:07 kick the body
Comment from : LeV HS

Tahmidtanjid Jaman
Comment from : Tahmidtanjid Jaman

Mike Todd
Comment from : Mike Todd

Rosie Sevilla
U are so creative at this
Comment from : Rosie Sevilla

Pol Li
Круті машинки бро😋😜😉😜😋😉
Comment from : Pol Li

Alondra Pasaol
Comment from : Alondra Pasaol

Thomas Aaaa
Comment from : Thomas Aaaa

Amir Shock
I want have a ps4
Comment from : Amir Shock

Rizo Gafarov
Comment from : Rizo Gafarov

Luz Fernandez
Me 2x the music is much better
Comment from : Luz Fernandez

Comment from : とた

Areli Avila
Can we buy your cool things
Comment from : Areli Avila

Glitch Droid
Half the video watching the video
The other half reading comment’s

Comment from : Glitch Droid

Parul Upadhyay
Very nice
Comment from : Parul Upadhyay

Inácio Angelo
My favorite is ice cream
Comment from : Inácio Angelo

Pooja Agarwal
Who watches these videos but does not try them at home please give me a thumbs up
Comment from : Pooja Agarwal

Comment from : terrilouisepires

Fera Setyorini
wow das dsfcgh
Comment from : Fera Setyorini

juan Cortes morales
Comment from : juan Cortes morales

1 万 人 が 嫉 妬
Comment from : BさんEさん

Ralph The Gammer
They uses cardboard To Create Things

me: Hold My Beer im About To End This man Career With axe

Comment from : Ralph The Gammer

I Like To Draw TV
Comment from : I Like To Draw TV

x. bolt
so hard bro
Comment from : x. bolt

Lol Sniped
Cool creations made from cardboard!
With a bunch of wiring and stuff

Comment from : Lol Sniped

14:40 kick the buddy
“Loser” “hahahha” “little kid” 😂

Comment from : 會長外貌協會

Pink Bunny
Comment from : Pink Bunny

Comey Callate
Me: ohhh he made that game with cardboard.
*me pusshing the "like" buttom
*then i read the chanel name
Hey, that is not creative.
*me reporting the video

Comment from : Comey Callate

Comey Callate
6:15 pense que estaba armando una calculadora a partir de otra xd
Comment from : Comey Callate

Nathan LE
leuk zeg, dit moet ik echt aan mijn vader laten zien, en ik ga abonneren en een like zetten
Comment from : Nathan LE

Jose Sanchez
Hmmm Mr creative is this a chain reaction it looks like chain reaction I can't believe you made a chain reaction when I did that it broke congrats
Comment from : Jose Sanchez

universo roxo oficial
Cuidade kids !
Comment from : universo roxo oficial

Em Dog
4:57 how to cut yourself
Comment from : Em Dog

Comment from : GunutorGames

NIntendo LABO go to hell, this is real lab.
Comment from : Mark

Cadas Buana
Comment from : Cadas Buana

Guadalupe Eras
Comment from : Guadalupe Eras

noob potato
I think that hot glue gun made it all
Comment from : noob potato

Thomas Fois
Comment from : Thomas Fois

Thomas Fois
Comment from : Thomas Fois

Raj Gupta
You are owsame bro
Comment from : Raj Gupta

Tagaan Jesus Rodrigo
FaZe cloudz i hate your video you builded
Comment from : Tagaan Jesus Rodrigo

Blanca Gomez
me puedes aser 1
Comment from : Blanca Gomez


Jenna Bottele
you said top 4 bes CREATIONS out of CARDBOARD not battries and that stuff
Comment from : Jenna Bottele

liz love Gutie
Comment from : liz love Gutie

Palalo Gt
Ok edit: ok
Comment from : Palalo Gt

Elsyawati Nizar
The first top was The Gameboard
The second top was ATM
The third top was Ice Cream Dispenser
The fourth top was Kick the buddy.

Why you use the credit card and cut into pieces, later you need to buy something so you dont have money!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Elsyawati Nizar

Comment from : THE FLASHYDASHY

Zeacklee Telim
The best
Comment from : Zeacklee Telim

sadman the master
Comment from : sadman the master

Joane Samson
Cool but its hard to do
Comment from : Joane Samson

Bhagwan Singh
Bad and good
Comment from : Bhagwan Singh

Kumala Sari
Also indo
Comment from : Kumala Sari

Fire Fix
Comment from : Fire Fix

Adrian Siordia
Comment from : Adrian Siordia

KToys TV
💡💡💡💡💡 Amazing idea! 💡💡💡💡💡

Comment from : KToys TV

Muhammad Dani

Comment from : Muhammad Dani

Ivety Mayerly Leon Vivas
ola soi juan el dinero es de berdad
Comment from : Ivety Mayerly Leon Vivas

Ion Hurloiu
Just download is You have a phone
Comment from : Ion Hurloiu

Why rushing


Morticia Mourning
You're good at that you're a straight-up engineer you should have been the engineer from TF2
Comment from : Morticia Mourning

Denisa Ceypová
Comment from : Denisa Ceypová

Рая Хамзатова
Все так оригинально😻но у меня терпения не хватит,да и в электронике я плохо разбираюсь😭
Comment from : Рая Хамзатова

Elijah the Gamer
Wowwwwwwwww first one blow my mind
Comment from : Elijah the Gamer

Astrid Nadin Rodriguez Carvalho
......hfhdbhd eu evite ghdhhdjjfjf h tv f nm TV3
Comment from : Astrid Nadin Rodriguez Carvalho

Andres Angladas
Puta no hay una wea mas facil ctm.....
Comment from : Andres Angladas

Noobmaster 69
Ok so this man could build a nuke if he really wanted to
Comment from : Noobmaster 69

Andrea Luttje
Mr creative 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍baronnen
Comment from : Andrea Luttje

Cosmic Gaming yt
7:59 song name please
Comment from : Cosmic Gaming yt

Mitali Waghmare
I made it the racing game my brother loved it he always plays with it i am very happy now
Comment from : Mitali Waghmare

Lilik fitrotul amalia
OMG award for best seller
Comment from : Lilik fitrotul amalia

Sabina Yeasmen
Not easy .
Comment from : Sabina Yeasmen

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